[English][BLACK SATURN’s works]

19 Aug 2021


[한국어]BLACKSATURN의 작품에 대하여

Hello everyone, this is Soyo.  Before introducing our second creation, I’d like to talk about Black Saturn’s origins and goals.  I want to start by sharing with you the memories of my past 9 years working as a freelance BJD fashion designer.  I hope that my journey can spark your interests and give you some insight into my world. 

[My journey] 

My career as a BJD fashion designer started in 2012 when I started working for a doll company to make clothing for male dolls.  I had always been interested in stagewear and menswear since university, but I struggled to find a job in this field as the Korean fashion industry has always been largely dominated by womenswear and female oriented fashion brands.  Moreover, job openings that entailed special costume designs were even smaller. It was then that I discovered ball-jointed dolls, and I applied for a job with a distinguished doll company as a menswear designer, working on various styles of clothing for larger dolls.  During my 4 years there, I was able to learn my design preferences and strengths, and what I really felt passionate about.  Following this, I decided to work as a freelance sample clothing designer at several doll companies, which allowed me to professionally design truly unique costumes without restriction on my creative freedom.  Now, 9 years from the beginning, I’ve finally established my own independent brand – BLACK SATURN.

[BLACK SATURN’s design philosophy] 

BLACK SATURN’s ultimate goal is to establish BJD fashion as a form of art by exploring the abundance of materials, clothing styles and production techniques.  

The biggest reason why I quit working for other companies and created my own brand was so that I would be able to challenge myself and push the boundaries of BJD fashion. The more I worked, the stronger my desire to create high complexity and unique clothing true to my style grew, and I realised that my potential would always be limited if I kept working as a sample clothing designer.  With my own brand, I can take charge of the entire production process, from the selection of materials to the clothing patterns, all the way to the packaging.  All of BLACK SATURN’s outfits are designed with the following two concepts in mind: 

  • 1 – To design various components based on one theme, so that high quality styling is achievable not only when every component is worn at the same time, but also when individually worn. 
  • 2 – That the silhouettes of our individual components remain fluid – so that no matter how a customer chooses to layer, combine, or style – that it will blend harmoniously 

On average, our outfits are comprised of 10 or more components.  However, using all the components simultaneously may not always achieve the most coordinated result.  We want to apply creative freedom to the styling of our outfits so that many different styles can be achieved, not just the one that we present to you on release.  Through this process, we hope that you as a customer can also feel the joy and creative freedom of playing with not just the doll, but also its clothing.  Therefore, even the smallest components of our outfits are meticulously designed. 

[Moving forward with BLACK SATURN] 

Firstly, I’d like to talk about BLACK SATURN’s sales quantity and pricing.  

It takes a tremendous amount of time to complete a single sample outfit.  The process starts with collecting documents about design concepts, sketching, material experimentation, and then producing the final costume through a rigorous trial and error process before filming and shooting the final product.  The entire production process is documented and recorded throughout, so that we can show you the work involved in the outfit’s creation.  The first two outfits – Black Star and Pluto – required over two months of work just to develop a sample.  Due to the considerable amount of time, effort and complexity required for the production of a single outfit, we kindly ask for your understanding on the prices, quantities and release cycles that we decide upon. 

Secondly, I’d like to elaborate on the lottery drawing system.  

We are very happy announce that the amount of people that applied for the raffle exceeded our expectations, so we would like to thank everyone on their interest in our first outfit.  At the same time, we regret that we are unable to provide everyone who applied a chance to buy our outfit, as there are limitations to the quantities that we can realistically provide.  In this regard, we will be working our best towards implementing a variety of modified lottery systems so that we can do our best to provide everyone a fair opportunity of purchase.  This will involve but is not limited to the collection of the applicant data history for our outfits, so that we can try to reduce the chance that someone is consecutively unable to purchase.  Regardless of if your application is successful or not, we would like to keep those in mind who applied each time, and we will always endeavour to be as transparent as possible with our lottery process. 

Lastly, we want to be able to share with everyone joy of the artistic creations of BLACK SATURN, whether you purchase our outfits or not.  

Therefore, with each creation, we would like to be able to share with you its story by collaborating with photographers.  Even if you don’t own any dolls or outfits, we hope that seeing our work through photos can inspire and leave you with an impression strong enough that you can create your own story from within.  We plan to collaborate with more BJD fashion photographers in the future, so we hope you look forward to the various ways our outfits are presented through the eyes of others. 

At the end of August, we are planning to launch our brand symbol and our first GOLD LABEL work –  Pluto – before progressing to the second sales of our first work Black Star in September.  We aim to instil a strong sense of BLACK SATURN’s main concept with Pluto, so I hope you pay attention to it well!   

Thank you sincerely to all those who support and like our work all the time.

Original Korean text : Soyo

English translation : Seulhwa