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27 Jul 2021

服装购买方法 (中文)  의상 구매 방법 (한국어)   衣装購入に関するご案内(日本語)

The sales of SILVER LABEL outfit of BLACK SATURN proceed through the lottery system for a limited period, and the sales of CLASSIC LABEL outfit proceed through the way of pre-order for a limited period.

Those who want to purchase the outfit refer to the notice below.

< Apply to purchase a product >  

(Buyers who have completed the membership registration process can proceed to step 3)

1.  When a new outfit is released, look for the order availability period on the respective product page's description. The order period of SILVER LABEL outfit is for the application for the lottery, not confirming your order.

2.   Before placing an order, please register as a member. You can find the ‘JOIN (sign up)’ button on the top right of the website.  If you are not a member, you will not be able to fill out the order application form, so please make sure to register first.

3.  After registration, please click the ‘ORDER FORM’ link on the right side of menu. This page is active only before and after an outfit’s orderable period.

4. When the order application period begins, the order form will be activated. You can apply for an order purchase once per account. We allow installment payments (of up to 2 times) on an order. Please select the payment option in advance when filling out the order form, as different order confirmation e-mails will be sent to customers depending on the method of payment chosen. Please be careful when completing the order form, as it is difficult to make any changes after submission.

5.  Follow the guidelines on the ordering form and click 'submit'. The result of the draw will be informed to the winner through the email applied on the next day that the application ends. (The time will be announced separately.)


As for CLASSIC LABEL outfit, on the next day when the order period of CLASSIC LABEL outfit ends, the order confirmation email will be sent to all the people who ordered.

And the winners of SILVER LABEL outfit will be announced through email (which is the id of the site) on the next day when the application ends. And the applicants who are unsuccessful in the lottery will also receive a confirmation e-mail indicating an unsuccessful application. 

The Order Confirmation Mail Recipient's account will be given the right to purchase the outfit upon receival of this e-mail, and will be able to do so using the enclosed link (provided that payment is made within the specified timeframe). 

Information about SILVER LABEL outfit lottery sales system and process 

< Paying for the product >

1.   If you received order confirmation e-mail, Please log in to the website using the link provided in the confirmation e-mail to proceed with the payment. Lump sum payers can pay immediately by clicking on the product page accessible on the website, whereas installment payers receive a separate link via e-mail.

2.  On the product page, please select the country of the recipient first, and then press the 'purchase' button. The country of the recipient cannot be changed on the checkout page, so please select the correct country at this stage.

3.   Please fill out the form regarding the details of the recipient of the product in English.

Incorrect information may result in mis-delivery, and it is difficult to compensate for the mis-delivery of a product caused by the customer’s negligence because it is classified as the buyer's fault. Please check the correctness of the details several times and fill it out carefully.

If you are paying in installments, the purchase will be confirmed in the second purchase payment window without the need to re-enter the address. (In the first purchase payment, a shipping address text box will be available and the order will be placed in the following manner)

4. Please enter the information carefully in red box and press the 'Pay' button to proceed with the payment.

5.  The product is sent within 90~200 days from the payment completion date. When the product is shipped, an e-mail will be sent to you and you can check the delivery information of the product with the invoice number written in the e-mail.